The Letter Was Never Read


Artist name: chestshot
Song: “Sinking China”

Pretty Girl Walks Into A Bar

Violation through imagination

Men whistle

For words can’t describe

The degree to which they

Yearn for penetration

I may look away

but I never lose sight

Of a protein collide

Of how slick a slide

Of consent to squeeze thighs

How romantics devise

A break in the ice

Impairing the minds

Of the beauty with wine

Hands on the sidewalk

Torn at the crotch

Stay as a landmark

Testing the flock

Missing your stillborn

condoms are not

worn for the motion

that starts at the jock

God’s Youth Group

We were told to look for a sign

Matching colored shirts

Or a key word to set off

A chain of ideas

By divine revelation

Eyes open wide for confirmation

As if god had squeezed a footnote

Into every thread of living day

Every man was free to interpret what

Was seen what was felt

Truth inspired by one word


Every man made it personal

Some sought to duplicate their own experience

For the purpose of authority

making it so that my concept of light

Was overshadowed by the shallow precepts

Of an american pastor

Bills Gambling Hall

diablo kush

girlscout cookies

girlscout cookies

Some concoctions should have never been synthesized. I am in great pain due to my curiosity. If I cut off one hand, I would still have another. I can never escape the destroyer, the keeper of my shadow.